Crucial X Radio [ep. 300]

Crucial X Radio [ep. 300]

Recorded Live on 2/19/2011

Not much chatter this week. It’s all about vibes. Enjoy!

Spacefunk and Parallax’s Top Tunes of the Week:

  • dRamatic/dbAudio – Life Console  (04:47) [Ingredients]
  • Noisia/Hybris – Crystalline (22:36) [Invisible]
  • Phetsa – Disco Dog (26:13) [Technique]
  • Gridlock – Watching Us (Upbeats remix) (29:33) [Project 51]
  • Hybris – Keeping Me (47:05) [Invisible]
  • The Square/Blue Motion/MSDOS – You Don’t Need Me (54:15) [Fokuz]
  • Navigator – Inequity Worker (Noah D 2011 remix) (61:30) [Lion Dub]
  • Ruckspin/DLR – Safe Secure (68:27) [Broken Audio]
  • Enei – Danger Dance (71:22) [Critical]
  • Hybris – Out Of Place (75:35) [Invisible]

Full track list is available on the forum

2 thoughts on “Crucial X Radio [ep. 300]

  1. Suhnton

    I just discovered your show recently, and have been listening to this particular set a lot. Awesome stuff, especially love the Maztek (Crisis)tune. Thanks for the music.


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